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Purple Door Preschool is located in Wingfield Springs in Sparks, Nevada.  Purple Door offers a true preschool experience for students 33 months to six years old. Purple Door Preschool is a unique and truly play-based school which offers full and half day classes.  In small groups of eleven, children will rotate through the entire school with two teachers and their class mates while utilizing, exploring and learning in spaces unlike any other preschool in our area! 
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Phone: 775-626-8326
Address: 6295 WIngfield Springs Road
Email:  info@purpledoorpreschool.com
           "Play is the highest form of research!"
                                          -Albert Einstein
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Camp Purple Door starts June 7th and runs for eight weeks!        Each week has a fun and exciting theme!  

Current Purple Door students are required to sign up for at least 4 of the 8 weeks and you can pick and choose which weeks you're interested in and sign your student(s) up for just those.  If your student does not attend 4 or more weeks, they will be put on the bottom of our wait list and are not guaranteed a spot when the new school year starts on August 9th.  

Siblings and friends through 5th grade can attend Camp Purple Door too! Children over the age of six will be in a class of their own and go on a field trip every day and will not be in classes with preschoolers.

Camps begins each day at 8:45am and ends at 3:00pm. Early drop-off at 7:00am and and late pick up until 6:00pm are available for an additional fee (see fee schedule below).  

5 Full Day Camp Monday- Friday 8:45am-3pm

$165 per week for the first camper and 10% discount for siblings.

3 Full Days Camp Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:45am-3:00pm

$140 per week for the first camper and 10% discount for siblings.

2 Full Days Camp Tuesday/Thursday 8:45am-3pm

$110 per week for the first camper and 10% discount for siblings.

Extended Care Rates-

5 days-$25 week
3 days-$20 week
2 days-$15 week

5 days-$35 week
3 days-$30 week
2 days-$25 week

Week 1      Pirate Camp                          June 7-11
                   Ahoy ye matey!  In this week long camp we will explore the high                    seas and look for buried treasure!  Make your own treasure                    map, cook up some pirate booty and walk the plank!                    Swashbucklers beware...there will be zooming cannon balls to                    look out for!

Week 2       Wild West Camp                   June 14-18
                   Giddy up cowboys and cowgirls!  In this week long camp join us                    at the Purple Door Ranch as we learn about living in the Wild                    West.  Make fun wild west art projects, cook up some chow and                    get ready for some down home fun!

Week 3      Ooey Gooey Gross Science Camp   June 21-25
                  Yuck!  Gross!  Disgusting!  It's time to get messy!  In this week                        long camp you will explore lots of gross stuff!  Experiment with                   nasty things in our Science Lab and create gross art in the art                   studio!  Be prepared to get muddy as we make a giant mud                   puddle in the backyard!

Week 4      Stars & Stripes Camp    June 28th-July 2  
                   Are you proud to be an American?  Awesome!  Let's create fun                      red, white and blue art, do some face painting and cook up a                          good old American apple pie!  Don't forget the fireworks!

Week 5      "Purple Door's Got Talent" Camp    July 5-9
                   To be or not to be...that is the question?  In this week long camp                    you will be assigned parts and practice for a play that we will put                     on at the end of the week for everyone to watch!  Parents-it will                       be the cutest thing you have ever seen!!

Week 6        Cooking Camp                          July 12-16
                    Can you smell what Purple Door is cooking?! In this week long                     camp you will make a tasty recipe everyday! Then you will take                     orders and serve your friends at the Purple Door Cafe! Use food                     to make unique art and have fun "playing" with your food too! 

Week 7       Splish Splash Camp            July 19-23
                    Who wants to get wet?  In this week long camp we will run                              through sprinklers, sell ice cream from the ice cream truck, build                      sandcastles and take a trip to the park to play games with water                      balloons!

Week 8     Jungle Camp                     July 26-30
​                 Are those monkeys in the trees?  In this week long camp you                         will explore the animals that live in the jungle and create                                 masterpieces in the Art Studio.  Play games and dress up like                         our favorite jungle animal.  Get wet in our jungle maze!

We will be closed the week of August 2nd-6th to clean and refresh the school as we get ready for our new school year   that begins August 9th!

Camp Purple Door
For kids 3 years old through 5th grade!
Starting June 7th!