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           "Play is the highest form of research!"
                                          -Albert Einstein
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Now with two campuses!  
Sparks and Midtown!
And opening February 2023-a third Campus located in Sparks as well! 
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"The School Day"
Midtown Campus
Purple Door Preschool is a hands on school with an emphasis on play. Through play, our students will learn all the academic tools necessary to start kindergarten including letter recognition, phonics and numbers.  Our students will not be confined to one classroom, they will move from room to room with the same two teaches and same eleven class mates throughout the day. All children are given the opportunity to utilize twelve unique spaces throughout the week.  
The Library- Our Library will be filled with hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books.  There will be child size furniture and lots of pillows to make reading even more enjoyable!  Teachers will let students appreciate looking through books on their own and then guide them through active story telling.
Engineering- This is a room dedicated to blocks only!  There will be many different kinds of blocks for the kids to use and build anything they can dream up.  The best thing about our Engineering room is that after the students are done building their masterpieces, they don't have to tear it down and put it away!  It can stay up for all to see!
Art Studio- The Art Studio is our Fine Arts room.  This is where students get to be creative and decide if the sky is blue, pink or brown!  No product art here!  This means that no two projects will look exactly the same as their friends.  Teachers will guide them through a project but the student will decide how it turns out in the end.  Who knows...you might just bring home a yellow polka-dotted rock turtle one day!
Mechanics-  This is a super cool room!  Students will get to use tools like hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches (real ones!) to take apart machines like old computers, telephones and anything with lots of parts!
The Science Lab- Our Science Lab will be a place for kids to ask lots of questions and look for answers using a variety of tools.  From microscopes to scales, to test tubes and bugs, students will learn so much from this hands-on experience while doing a daily science experiment!
The Classroom-  No worksheets or flashcards here!  The Classroom is where students will work on learning the letter, number and color of the week.  This is guided by the teacher who will help them learn to easily recognize all upper and lower case letters and numbers 1-100.  They will also learn the sound each letter makes.  This is also the time that they will begin writing letters and numbers and also perfect their first and last names. Students will perform hands on activities and use manipulatives to enhance their academic learning. From silly games to delivering the mail, matching beginning sounds to objects, students will flourish in this play-based center.
The Fruit Cup CafeOur Cafeteria and Kitchen is a working classroom.  This is where the kids will cook once a week.  This is a great way for kids to have fun while learning math.  We will make all sorts of recipes from sweets like cakes and cookies to savory dishes like pot pies and omelets to homemade breads and scratch pasta.  They will do all the chopping, mixing, measuring and rolling.  What should we do while our food is cooking?  Play in the full-sized...yet kid-sized...kitchen of course!
The Big Playroom-  In this space, students will have the opportunity to learn, explore, experiment, discover, create, invent, self-express, interact and play! This center will involve dramatic play, dolls, trucks, small toys, a grocery store, a boat house and numerous other areas involving imagination.
The "What's Going On" Room-
This room will relate to the unit we are studying at the time.  It might be Space, Dinosaurs, Birds, Farms, Weather, Pirates or the Ocean to name a few.  Kids will find lots of hands-on activities related to the unit that will enhance their understanding and knowledge on the topic. 
Symphonies- This is our music room.  This space is dedicated to lots of interesting and real musical instruments!  We will dance, sing and play instruments here. We will use ribbons and scarves and teachers will guide children through songs with movement and lyrics.  We will also use this time to sit around the rug and talk about whatever is on the children's minds.  We will tell stories, play games and enjoy each others company.
The Backyard-  This space will bring kids back to the good old days!  Lots of things to jump off of, balance on and imagine with. A full size row boat to set sail in!  A giant boulder to climb on!  A pit to dig in, water to play in, a garden to grow, a seesaw to soar on, pots and pans to bang, and fun to have!
The "Get Moving" Room-  This room is based on gross motor skills which are important for major body movement such as walking, maintaining balance, coordination, jumping, and reaching.  Gross motor abilities share connections with other physical functions, such as fine motor skills.  Students with poor gross motor development, may have difficulty with activities such as writing or sitting up in an alert position.