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Purple Door Preschool is located in Wingfield Springs in Sparks, Nevada.  Purple Door offers a true preschool experience for students 33 months to six years old. Purple Door Preschool is a unique and truly play-based school which offers full and half day classes.  In small groups of eleven, children will rotate through the entire school with two teachers and their class mates while utilizing, exploring and learning in spaces unlike any other preschool in our area! 
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Phone: 775-626-8326
Address: 6295 WIngfield Springs Road
Email:  info@purpledoorpreschool.com
           "Play is the highest form of research!"
                                          -Albert Einstein
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Purple Door Explore -Track Break Program
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You can come as early as 7:00am
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You can pick up as late as 6:00pm
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The full month's payment is due on the first of the month and is considered late after the 3rd.
Requirements to participate in Purple Door Explore-
*Must be going into Kindergarten through 4th grade
*Must pack a lunch, water bottle, and sunscreen everyday
*Must be willing to have lots of fun
Camps begins each day at 8:45am and ends at 3:00pm
Early drop-off at 7:00am and and late pick up until 6:00pm are available for an additional fee (see fee schedule below).  
Purple Door Explore costs- 
$150 per week
$175 per week if you require early drop off and late pick up.
Purple Door Explore Track Breakers will go on an adventure every day! Space is limited to the first 10 students to sign up for each month.  We are planning a different adventure everyday throughout the month long break. Some examples are museums, swimming pools, parks, jumping places, plays, zoos, movies, bowling and so much more! You will be given a detailed calendar so you know how to prepare for each day and the price includes admission to all adventures!

Which months do you need Track Break Care?  A $50 deposit is due for each month you sign up for which goes towards that months tuition.
What Track in your child on: