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Purple Door Preschool is located in Wingfield Springs in Sparks, Nevada.  Purple Door offers a true preschool experience for students 33 months to six years old. Purple Door Preschool is a unique and truly play-based school which offers full and half day classes.  In small groups of eleven, children will rotate through the entire school with two teachers and their class mates while utilizing, exploring and learning in spaces unlike any other preschool in our area! 
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Phone: 775-626-8326
Address: 6295 WIngfield Springs Road
Email:  info@purpledoorpreschool.com
           "Play is the highest form of research!"
                                          -Albert Einstein
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​Purple Door Preschool offers one week of Winter Break Camp!

Winter Camp Purple Door  is for siblings and friends in kindergarten through 5th grade!  

Our normal camp hours are from 8:45am-3:00pm which is reflected in the price below, however for an additional cost you can choose to add on Extended Care starting at 7:00am and ending at 6:00pm. 

Children over the age of six will be in a class of their own and will not be in classes with preschoolers.
We will do tons of fun activities related to the Arctic during the week and will even go on a few field trips!

Please see price list and sign up form below...

5 Full Days Monday- Friday 8:45am-3:00pm

$150 per week for the first camper and $140 for each additional sibling.

4 Full Days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

$140 per week for the first Camper and $130 for each additional sibling.

3 Full Days Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:45am-3:00pm

$125 per week for the first camper and $115 for each additional sibling.

2 Full Days Tuesday/Thursday 8:45am-3:00pm

$100 per week for the first camper and $90 for each additional sibling.

Extended Care AM
5 days-$20
4 days-$17
3 days-$15
2 days-$10

Extended Care PM
5 days-$30
4 days-$27
3 days-$25
2 days-$15
Winter Camp Purple Door
December 30th-
January 3rd
(closed Wednesday, Jan 1st

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Winter Camp Purple Door Sign Ups
Winter Camp Week 12/30-1/3
Payments are due on the first day of Camp!