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Purple Door Preschool is located in Wingfield Springs in Sparks, Nevada.  Purple Door offers a true preschool experience for students 33 months to six years old. Purple Door Preschool is a unique and truly play-based school which offers full and half day classes.  In small groups of eleven, children will rotate through the entire school with two teachers and their class mates while utilizing, exploring and learning in spaces unlike any other preschool in our area! 
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Phone: 775-626-8326
Address: 6295 WIngfield Springs Road
Email:  info@purpledoorpreschool.com
           "Play is the highest form of research!"
                                          -Albert Einstein
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2021-2022 School Year Calendar

Eight weeks of Summer Camp Starts June 6th 
The summer has a semi-optional schedule, meaning
you must sign up for 4 of the 8 weeks to hold your spot for August.  
Siblings and friends through 4th grade are welcome!

Week 1    Pirate Camp                                                                                  

Week 2    Wild West Camp                                          

Week 3    Ooey Gooey Camp                                        

Week 4    Stars & Stripes Camp                        

Week 5    Purple Door's Got Talent Camp                              

Week 6    Splish Splash Camp                                       

Week 7    Cooking Camp                            

Week 8    Jungle Camp                             

Week 9    Closed for school refresh                

​Summer Camps ends July 29th 

August 8th-  New School Year Starts!