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As a first time mom I was very anxious about leaving my “baby” in anyone else’s care. I did, however, want her to have a preschool experience that was fun yet educational. I struggled with the typical ‘cookie cutter’ mold of most preschools. I also worried about ratios. I wanted my daughter to have a good first impression of learning and being away from mommy. I did not want to leave her somewhere too overwhelming and crowded. Stef’s Schoolhouse was the answer!!! Not only was it an inviting environment, but the ratios were low. Coupled with Stef’s obvious enthusiasm for teaching, play based curriculum, and her creativity had me sold! We’ve enjoyed every moment of our two years with her and only wish we could stay with her until our daughter is ready for middle school!! If you are looking for a true preschool experience that will be guided by a person who really has her heart in her job, Purple Door Preschool is for you!

Jenni M

Stef is a caring, nurturing and creative pre-kindergarten teacher. Whether it’s teaching the ABC’s, numbers, or songs, she engages with the kids and makes learning fun. Our son loved going to Stef’s and was well prepared for kindergarten.

Burris Family

Miss Stef is the world’s greatest preschool teacher!! Travis still misses preschool and he is in 3rd grade!!!

Debi K

Both of my kids have been graduates at Stef’s Schoolhouse. I couldn’t imagine them going anywhere else!! My kids were shy, and pretty attached to “mommy”, But once they started Stef’s Schoolhouse, they transformed more than I could have imagined. Socially and academically, I knew both of my kids were ready for Kindergarten in the Fall– and that’s such a great feeling. The weekly themes, curriculum, music, art, and overall atmosphere Stef offers is so welcoming and enjoyable for the kids. You can really tell how much Stef is passionate about teaching young children.  The only downfall about Stef’s school is eventually my kids were too old and had to go to kinder!

Lindsay B

Having worked in the field of Early Childhood Education my entire professional career, I thought I would never find a preschool for my children that would live up to my standards. That changed the minute I met Stef and observed her program. She understands the delicate balance between play and learning, and her curriculum is creative, fun, and age appropriate. My children absolutely love Stef and would ask almost every day if it was a school day. My seven year old son misses going to Stef’s preschool and my four year old daughter is clearly already Kindergarten ready. I credit Stef for preparing my children socially and academically for school. She has the passion, motivation, and concept to make Purple Door Preschool a success!

Greta B

Our daughter attended Stef’s Schoolhouse for two years and absolutely loved it! Not only did she learn everything she needed to learn but she went into kindergarten more then ready.  Most of the things she was taught in kindergarten she had already been taught by Miss Stef! Stef is professional and really cares about all of her kids and they progress in her school. She is the very best choice for preschool and I highly recommend her to any and all families that want there children not only to have fun but to learn, grow, and be fully prepared for Kindergarten! Don’t look any further than Stef McKnight to teach your kids, You will not be sorry!

James Klein

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At Julia’s old preschool, in over a year of attendance, I never once saw work of Julia’s with her name written on them by her. Nor did we ever see any artwork or otherwise that showed her efforts at writing letters and numbers. Upon starting at Stef’s school, we saw this work and Julia quickly started to take pride in her ability to write and recognize letters and numbers. At previous school, we paid an annual “materials fee”. And while I am very focused on saving the planet and recycling paper, I began to wonder where this fee was going as the majority of her “art work” was on recycled schedules or office memos. At Stef’s school, every week is an awesome experience with a specific learning theme. I can remember the look on my husbands face after Julia’s first week when she proudly showed us the “weather chart” that she had made and the shaving cream snowman. (It was incredible!) Another difference can be found in the philosophy of Stef’s school versus the previous school. Often times when I would do an observation of the other school, I would inevitably see a few students in any activity that were “checked-out”. This is understandable, with 22-26 students and only one full time teacher and their part-time assistant, that is a lot to handle. I’ll never forget my first observation at Stef’s school…Mrs. Stef told me that when the kids seem squirmy or not fully engaged, they get up and dance. About a month into Julia’s attendance at Stef’s School, on the way home Julia told me, “Mom, sometimes at school, we shake it!” The smile on her face said it all!! Finally, the biggest difference that I notice in these two experiences can be seen in how much my daughter loves Stef’s school. Countless times this summer, Julia has asked me when she will get to go back to school. Isn’t that what we all want? An educational experience for our children that is fun, inviting and that makes learning something that they look forward to. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU AND THE HEART AND ENERGY THAT YOU PUT INTO EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO! Sign us up for another year!!!!

Dean & Rochelle Whellams

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